Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why the anti-rat?

Someone asked me this the other day, thinking that I had a rodent phobia. Ha! (sorry B!)
By rat I basically mean the rat race. The whole work-work-work, buy more stuff, get into more debt, work-work-work little wheel that most people seem to run on. The cartoon above sums it up perfectly. The more you have the more you want, the more you earn the more you spend. I don't really get it. It seems so empty-we sort of did it for a couple of years but soon realised that stuff never made us feel happy, but plenty of time together as a family did. So we opted out, and in doing so have never been happier. And strangely enough we now have more spare money with a much lower income, plus a much better and more content lifestyle. Win-win really.
There's my little thought for the day anyway.

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