Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm the proverbial plumber with a leaky tap

  Except i'm a nappy maker whose son wears such rags as this. Unfortunately, this is not an oddity-most of his stash has been worn so much that it's looking worse for it. It's what happens when you're #5.

Frugality gone too far maybe? Or completely sensible given its purpose? I'll stick with the latter.


  1. This is too funny! I suspect that this will be me somewhere down the line.

  2. That's brilliant! As long as it holds everything in still! ;)

  3. Yup Leaky plumber. I suppose all my kids will be badly behaved and illiterate.

  4. i think they're fantastic.

    and if your name was galliano, it'd cost $2,300 and victoria beckham would be ordering five of them as evening wear.

  5. Dammit Grit, i've alreay thrown it in the worm farm and missed my chance! It'd have been about the right size for Victoria though.


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