Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas craft, day 24-Crackers

These are the last thing to be done, ready for us to stick a little something in them tonight. The kids hoard toilet rolls for them, but if you’re some weird germ freak you can buy them. Idiocy. Then twist wrapping paper around. We normally make a paper crown and pop something small like stickers inside, then tie the other end up. They don’t crack, but they don’t care.



  1. You can buy 'clean' toilet rolls? That is crazy!

  2. Yes.........and they're not allowed to use proper ones in kinders and schools anymore apparently. They buy them. They're too dirty :S

  3. I know, isn't that a crazy rule?! I wondered how the recipient of a recent gift from one of my kids felt - it was a toilet role person ;) I don't think the child cared one bit, but her Mama may have!

    Nice to see you blogging again.

  4. Ooh, you're showing your subversive side Saminda! Too funny.


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