Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging offline*

Everyone seems to be rambling on about a Blogger malfunction that I managed not to notice-seeing how little i’m online that’s not surprising, but i’ve also been blogging offline for years so I probably wouldn’t have noticed even if I was still in full internet-whore stage.

  Blogging offline? It’s actually very easy. Much easier than trying to use Blogger’s excessively difficult interface. NOTHING works for me on Blogger, I groan in anticipated pain whenever I have to go in and edit something. Invariably, there’s always extra spacing, the pictures have moved around, and it’s always so HARD.

  Here’s how to set up offline blogging-
-Download Windows Live. Register your blog. Open WL, and start blogging. Hit ‘publish’ whenever you’re next online. You can save many posts, download your theme so you know it’s all pretty beforehand,  set any date/time you like and upload posts for the automatic future, add tags, blah blah. It rocks. The only thing you can’t do is edit the appearance of your blog-sidebars, pages etc. Which is why mine is so half-arsed.

  If you’re rabidly opposed to anything Microsoft (hello, Matt!) then you can always try Scribefire. I did a couple of years ago, it was shite then. Hopefully they’ve improved it by now.

  *Written with the benefit(?) of a few wines and a foul mood.

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