Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super-easy apple cider

  When I read you can make scrumpy from apple juice, I had to try it. The instructions were simply ‘buy good quality juice, drink a small amount, add bakers yeast, leave out for two days, fridge for two weeks’.

  Note there are no amounts in the above instructions.


  We set up one bottle with 2 teaspoons of yeast, and the other with one-note that each bottle is 1.5 litres. After a few days we could definitely tell it was working, and by the end of two weeks it was sufficiently alcoholic to drink. But very yeasty. The smell put me off it so the husband had the job of drinking it. It also went sour fairly quickly, so I would guess that 1 teaspoon is too much, and a quarter of a teaspoon would be my next try. Plus, as much as the label touted this juice as natural and wonderful, it was reconstituted. I think the next time I get homebrew urgings i’ll start with real fruit, homegrown for the natural yeasts.

  It did make us go into our local homebrew shop and ask them to set up a kit for us-I think this is something I could get interested in……………..watch out liver!

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  1. I tried this kit http://www.oztops.com.au/ over 10 years ago and it worked brilliantly. Nevertheless, DON'T buy the kit - just drill holes in the lids and place a rubber disk inside with varying sized slits in them. The smaller the slit the higher the gas.
    I used champagne yeasts as they yield bubbles & a high alcohol content - YUMMMM. Try making orange champers. And pear & apple is gooood.


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